Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Baking hybrids : when two food groups become one.

We can't get enough of our favourite bakes, so much so that we seem to be merging two bakes to create one new, even more delicious baked treat. Like the duffin and the cronut there's a world of delicious baking hybrids out there but where do these ingenious ideas come from?

The one that started it all the Duffin was actually created longer ago than you imagined it's only thanks to 'duffingate', that the origins of the delicious donut muffin hybrid came to worldwide attention. A muffin baked with a delicious jam filled centre and dusted with a more than generous sprinkling of sugar, the duffin was born. London bakery Bea's of Bloomsbury is responsible for this delightful treat and they've helped pave the way for enthusiastic home bakers adaptations of the doughnut muffin (heck I've even tried it myself!).

Then there's the most recent publicized hybrid to top the trend the Cronut, a fusion of French patisserie and classic American snack, part donut, part croissant, naturally a treat of this proportion should only be created state side, Manhattan's Dominique Ansel bakery is responsible for this hybrid treat that's a little harder to come by over here but London bakery Rinkoff has created the Crodough with a little jam injected filling addition that certainly seems worth a try.

But it doesn't stop at those two, much like the former baking experiments it would seem that baked hybrids are still on trend, take the Martha Stewart endorsed Brookie created by Brooklyn's Baked bakery, a delicious fusion of brownie and cookie, or the Townie an exquisite brownie tart fusion by Bea's of Bloomsbury.

Much like the cronut there's the Crookie created by Patisserie et Cafe in Toronto, Canada, a gargantuan croissant stuffed with Oreo's and icing sugar, oh sweet flakey lord it sounds delicious! And if you think that topped off the hybrids you haven't seen the delicious Muffle, not to be confused as a 'ahem' pet name, the muffle is a fusion of muffin and waffle, created by using muffin mixture in a waffle iron, why not try the delicious recipe out for yourself, yes my taste buds were excited too!

Closer to home it would seem that hybrids are still on trend with everyone trying to get on the baked bandwagon, even Greggs have announced that they are turning their hand towards Cronuts with the subtly named Greggsnut (lawsuit easily avoided..) made using layered pastry in a doughnut shape.

It seems that there's still a world of possible baking hybrids out there to try, dare we go as far as combining bakes with other food groups like the Cake fries in Two broke girls, which already seem to be taking foodie sites by storm, well we're easily swayed by suggestions that involve frosting...

Images: Cronut by Dominique Ansel
Townie by Beas of Bloomsbury