Thursday, 17 March 2016

Cream cheese frosting or Buttercream frosting, which one is better?! There's only one way to find out...

Fret not I've decided to skip the frosting fight, as entertaining as it would be to cake porn connoisseurs but I didn't want to waste all that tasty cake topping... The modern cupcake is spoilt rotten with it's choice of toppings, decorations and 'fancy schmancy' cupcake cases to tart itself up with but when it comes to the final topping to whip on top what do you go for? A classic butter cream frosting or a sultry cream cheese frosting?

The difference between the two can be deceiving at first, butter cream toppings tend to have a lighter fluffier texture to cream cheese frosting's heavier, thicker consistency but they both have their pro's and cons. The traditional butter cream frosting has a sweeter taste and can be easier to use for decorating whereas cream cheese frosting does tend to be much softer when it comes to decorating, and has that slightly tangier taste compared to butter cream.

Cream cheese frosting's are quite simply put deliciously addictive on sweeter bakes like carrot cake and red velvet cake, have you ever tried
adding white chocolate to a cream cheese frosting, oh my, your in for a treat.. when it comes to a sweet bake cream cheese is the choice of topping to go for to counteract the sweetness overload of a butter cream frosting.

Whereas butter cream frosting works a treat on more traditional bakes like a layered sponge cake or fairy cakes. Any cake where you want to add a touch of sweetness, and of course some pretty fondant decor on top.

Of course the choice of frosting is down to personal preference at the end of the day, if you prefer to smother your cakes in cream frosting or drizzle a touch of icing over the top it all adds your own personal touch to your bake, and when it comes down to the crunch it's all delicious, moist, squidgy cake at the end of the day!

Images: Theresa Iovcheva via Free & kaicho|Free