Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Oh god I can see your... layers! : The naked cake.

Don't worry there hasn't been a growing trend for eating cake whilst naked.. no I'm talking about naked exposed cakes, cakes as nature intended without a slathering of pretty icing or butter cream on top, just left in their simple spongy layers with a bit of tasty filling to bond them together. Yes there's been quite a surge in the trend for naked cakes with many realising that a simple classic sponge cake is actually a pretty good thing and well you can't blame them!

The naked cake has risen through celebrity trends and wedding blogs with many opting to go for something a little more simple but still just as elegant for their wedding cake. The naked cake tends to feature generous layers of cream, fruits, jams and butter creams which are exposed much in the way of your classic Victoria sandwich, sometimes left in their constructed state with the filling oozing out of the sponge layers and sometimes neatened off, it certainly looks elegant and just as tasty as a fully iced towering cake.

There's still plenty of options to choose from with a naked cake, you could go for something that's even more on trend with an ombre layered cake, or you could choose to adorn the top of the cake with pretty decorations or just a simple layering of extra fruit, or go all out and drizzle a bit of caramel over the cake.

It's certainly a trend that's fitting with a turn towards more vintage and rustic inspired looks, why have a pretty iced cake when you can go for a traditional naked sponge cake that looks delightfully home baked and made with love. Besides there's something a little fun in telling people that you've been eating naked cake..

But I tend to think that naked cake shouldn't be confined to just weddings, why not make a naked bake a regular occurrence. Try leaving your Victoria sandwich as nature intended with a simple sprinkling of icing sugar, or why not leave that chocolate cake with a mere generous layering of cream in between the sponge, and why not pop a bit of fresh fruit in that sponge cake for a truly pretty naked cake. Besides naked cake should be for any day not just a celebration!

Left image: Say it with flours
Right image: Franelli cakes