Thursday, 31 March 2016

Tea room exploration: Beas of Bloomsbury

44 Theobalds road, London. Open 7 days a week, Mon - Fri 8am - 7pm, Sat - Sun 12pm - 7pm |

A delightful find nestled away from the usual tourist spots, one of the cosiest tea rooms you'll find in one of London's best kept secret shopping destinations, a place where you could happily hide away eating cake for a few hours.

Beas of Bloomsbury have been serving up delicious cakes at their Bloomsbury shop since 2008, home of the infamous Duffin and some of the tastiest baked treats you'll find this side of London. Their cosy tea room is a welcome stop off, a delightful intimate space to take in a spot of tea and cake after a bit of a shopping around nearby Lambs Conduit street.

Delightfully welcoming, their Bloomsbury shop is certainly cosy with intimate seated areas adorned with pillows and cosy seating. It's a wonderfully laid back tea room, with an open plan layout meaning that you can literally have a good old cake perve over their latest creations being baked, and well that's just a tasty bonus!

Well known for their baked creations, if you missed Duffingate you must have been hidden in a cave for the past year, what they don't bake here isn't worth munching upon, from delicious cupcakes to cake slices, pastries and wonderful baked hybrids. You can take away a selection of their treats if you can't quite find the room to over indulge on your visit. They also offer gluten free and vegan options, ask on the day to see what's available.

There's certainly a great selection of treats to choose from whatever time of the day you visit, whether you prefer a flaky breakfast pastry, an afternoon tea or a selection of cupcakes. On my visit I was really spoilt for choice with several cupcake and cake offerings to choose from alongside their signature duffins, townies and meringues. I opted to go for a cupcake being tempted by their vanilla nutella bake, I really wasn't disappointed, a delightfully light bake with a creamy nutella buttercream I could have happily sat and eaten a plate of just the buttercream... it was delightfully light yet creamy and delicious; a very delicate but extremely scrumptious cake.

To accompany my cupcake I opted for a classic, with a pot of earl grey tea, it was by far the most generous pot of tea I've had in any tea room with enough for a good few top up's of tea. The choice of beverages was certainly generous with teas, coffees and hot chocolates on offer.

A wonderfully cosy tea room with generous portions certainly worth a visit, if I wasn't visiting a few other places on my trip I've have gone back for seconds, then thirds.. If you can't make it to their Bloomsbury tea room why not visit their other tea rooms at St Pauls and Farringdon.

Cake score:
5/5 | Free from options also available.