Friday, 29 April 2016

Cake shop exploration: Crumbs cupcakery

10 College Street, York, YO1 7JF. Open Mon - Sat 10am - 5pm, Sun 11am - 4pm |

A delightful hidden gem tucked behind York Minster that's full of cupcakes and delightful vintage sweetness that makes for a rather delicious and sweet experience.

Crumbs cupcakery is as the name suggests home to an abundance of cupcakes, they've been serving York's residents with their delicious treats since 2010 and they've certainly made a name for themselves with their tasty selection of more-ish sweets.

A delightfully sweet cake shop, as you enter your greeted with a counter choc full of the days freshly baked cupcakes, tucked behind is their cupcake kitchen when cake porn connoisseurs can watch the delicious magic happen. Surrounded by vintage furnishings and decor which fit in perfectly with the quaint building. The settings make for a relaxing stop off whilst you munch upon't your cake.

The cupcake selection is truly astounding with plenty to choose from alongside a selection of daily baked offerings, mini cupcakes and other baked treats. Whether you prefer chocolate to lemon, something decadent like their brownie cupcake with a hidden brownie filling or a sweet take on a classic with their Victoria sandwich inspired cupcake there's plenty to choose from, and they also offer gluten free options.

On my visit there was certainly an abundance of choice, torn between their daily specials and their seasonal offerings I decided to try one of their specials that day, a double chocolate cupcake. A moist and rich cupcake with tasty hidden chocolate chunks inside, the dark chocolate base was complemented by a white chocolate buttercream that was delightfully sweet and creamy, I could have easily ate another...

To go with the cake I choose their Earl grey tea, they have a full selection of Tea pigs blends to choose from and this went rather well with the cupcake in an equally sweet tea pot. If however you prefer something different to tea you'll find a full selection of coffees and soft drinks to choose from.

If you have a rather sweet spot for the cupcake you simply must pay a visit to Crumbs cupcakery for some of the tastiest you'll ever experience.

Cake score:
5/5 | Free from options available.