Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Disaster cake? Worry not! Here's my tips to help fix it..

Lopsided?! It's supposed to look like that it's a cake tribute to the leaning tower of pisa.. No it's supposed to be that lumpy... why yes I did intend for it to turn out that pink... How many times have you found yourself blagging a cake disaster, frantically fixing a cake up with more buttercream than is normally possible, don't worry we've all been there and here's a few tips to turn that disaster bake around, who knows you could end up creating a delicious monster!

Admittedly I'm the queen of monstrous bakes, sometimes it seems like every other bake ends up with some sort of delicious flaw, granted it's part of the fun of trying a new bake. Burnt cakes, conjoined cookies, loaf cakes that tend to stay inside the tin when half of it has come out and pure liquid buttercream.. yes I've tried them all.. but without making mistakes how can you learn the art of baking?!

The burnt cake
One of the most common disasters, we've all been there at least once, a minute too long in the oven can spell crispy disaster but there's always a way around it. The easiest solution is to carefully cut off the burnt parts, if it's on one half of a sandwich cake simply slice across taking the burnt bits off and use it for the base, disaster averted!

The cake that got stuck in the tin
Oh dear.. it seems that your cake enjoyed being inside the tin so much that it wants to stay there, fret not there's always a way around it. First take a knife and run it around the edge of the cake, it may just need a gentle coaxing out, tip it upside down over a stand and see if it comes out. No joy? turn it upside down and leave it onto the stand for 5-10 minutes and let gravity do it's work.

Now if that doesn't work and only part of it comes out here's our very cheeky tips to avoid disaster.. Option 1) salvage what has come out and turn it into tiny cakes, top with frosting and viola! Tiny treats.

Option 2) Take 2 similar sized plates and place what did come out of the tin onto one plate, now remove the cake from the tin using a spatula and press this down into the already placed cake bits, start to form the cake shape and leave it to set for 5 minutes. Place the second plate on top and turn it over again leaving it to set for 5 minutes and you should have a cake base. Generous layers of buttercream will cover up your cake shaping and nobody ever need know about your mad cap cake surgery!

The dry cake
Dry cake always makes us a little sad, it's cake that just didn't get enough moisture, but fret not you can turn it around and into a rather sweet little treat. You could use the cake to make cake pops or rum balls but if you'd prefer an even boozier approach, pierce the cake all over and place it on top of a plate, sprinkle your tipple of choice over the cake (not so much that it's flammable) then place it into a tin and leave to soak in for 1-2 days, the tipple should soak in and help to add some moisture.

The sunken cake
Oh no! There's a sunken dint in the middle of your cake, don't worry there's a simple tasty solution to fix this.. buttercream.. and lots of it.. use the frosting to cover up the dint and spread over evenly with a knife. Alternatively you could cut the middle around turning it into a ring cake.

The pure liquid buttercream
This is my favourite, a disaster that's happened far too often when I first started baking, your buttercream seems to be runnier than ever, now before you start frantically whisking away at it there's a simple solution, add more icing sugar and by more I mean a heck of a lot more, go on just plonk it in the bowl. Now whisk away and you should find that the more icing sugar is added the thicker the buttercream goes. You could also try placing the frosting in the fridge for an hour to set, sometimes all it needs is some time to set in a cool temperature and it will thicken.

Now we can't prevent all cake disasters, sometimes it's just not meant to be for your bake but there's always a few methods that you can try to save that bake, and if all else fails simply eat the evidence, nobody will know.. If however it's completely inedible you could try doing this..