Monday, 2 May 2016

Deliciously sweet icing sugars & powders by Sugar and Crumbs.

Ever craved a cherry bakewell flavoured buttercream but didn't know where to start? Does the thought of a chocolate orange flavoured cocoa powder leave you weak at the knees? Well your just going to fall in love with Sugar and Crumbs.

A family run business that produces a vast range of flavoured icing sugars and cocoa powders for baking, providing the final cherry on top if you will for your bakes. Before I'd stumbled upon their flavoured icing sugars I hadn't even dreamed of adding a delicious Chocolate and lime cocoa powder to my bakes but seeing their range of flavours certainly opened up a whole new world of inventive baking.

One thing that really makes their range stand out for me is the fact that they're all gluten free, finding gluten free baking supplies can sometimes be like looking for a needle in a towering haystack so to find such delicious gluten free baking additions was a delight, it means that I can knock up a rather scrumptious flavoured bake for any visiting coeliacs!

Having eye'd up their range at the recent Cake and bake show I was delighted to be sent a few samples to try out to get to grips with their flavours. I was sent their Cherry bakewell & Coconut lime icing sugars to try out alongside their Chocolate lime cocoa powder all of which are new flavours to their extensive ranges.

Naturally I dove straight in to my recipes tab to see what I could come up with to put these icing sugars & cocoa powders to use, all of their icing sugars and cocoa powders are naturally flavoured so I wanted to bring the tasty flavours out in each of my bakes. The results of my baking experiments with each of these flavours I've shared over in my recipes, so you can try these out yourself. The first bake I tried put their Chocolate lime cocoa powder to use for a Chocolate lime and coconut cake, the flavours are incredibly rich in the cocoa powder so I didn't need to add any additional chocolate or lime zest for the bake, you can tell that natural flavourings have been used in the icing sugar as the lime flavouring is incredibly noticeable even with plenty of coconut milk used in the bake. The result was a rather tasty, rich and moist bake thanks to the addition of the cocoa powder.

Next up was a homage to the tasty cherry bakewell using their cherry bakewell icing sugar, the scent is really noticeable as soon as you open the packet, I've got a bit of a sweet spot for cherries so this was a heavenly icing sugar to use. The flavour was incredible and one thing that really pleased me was how the icing sugar appeared to be lump free in the bag, why waste time sieving icing sugar when you can plonk it straight in the mix! certainly a time saver there.. it blended incredibly well for the buttercream and the resulting flavour for the finished frosting was delicious.

The final bake made use of the Coconut lime icing sugar, the lime comes straight through in the flavour, paired with the coconut flavourings it tastes like Malibu for a rather delicious Caribbean flavoured buttercream. Again incredibly easy to blend in for the buttercream and it really has a strong flavour. Certainly a pleasure to use and it really brought out the flavour in the overall bake.

I'll certainly be adding their icing sugars and cocoa powders to my baking stash, they really help to add a pinch of flavour to any bake without having to mess around with any additional ingredients. Yes, I was sent the tasty icing sugars for free to try out but that certainly hasn't altered my opinion of their products, if anything it's given me a chance to try a few different flavours out from their range that I'll most definitely be adding to my baking cupboard in the future. I've already got my beady eye on their Salted caramel, Pear drops and Blueberry icing sugars for future bakes. If like me your always looking for something to help make the baking process that little easier you really will love adding their ingredients to your bakes.

Shop the full range of flavoured icing sugars and cocoa powders at where you can also find coloured sugar pastes and tasty cake toppers for your bakes alongside a few handy recipes to try out.

Note: When this post was originally published at I had received these icing sugars for free to try, had I not been seen them I still would have purchased the icing sugars to try as a curious baker, so this by no means affects my view on their products.