Friday, 13 May 2016

Fuss free ways to turn that bake vegan!

Sometimes you just want a dairy free cake, whether your restricting your diet and keeping that dairy content down, your lactose intolerant or you simply follow a vegan diet. Thankfully free from options are easier to come across today than they were a few years ago and you may even find yourself pleasantly surprised at the dairy free substitutes that you can use for your baking, lets take a look...

Going egg free.
Sometimes even if you don't follow a strict diet you may find yourself opting for an eggless bake, you don't have to go for powdered substitutes or nasty tasting concoctions, the choice for egg substitutes is actually quite surprisingly easy.

Eggs are primarily used to add moisture to a bake, alongside binding the ingredients together and as a leavening agent. Knowing this makes it's easier to substitute the eggs in your recipe, for example a simple choice would be to add baking powder or baking soda to the bake as your leavening agent.

Now you know what you need to replace what do you substitute the eggs with? One of my Cake Porn favourites that is surprisingly easy to use is mashed banana, that's right, 1/2 of a mashed banana will substitute for 1 egg, so if the recipe calls for 2 eggs use a whole mashed banana. Another fun fruity alternative is apple sauce, this will act as a perfect replacement, 1/3 of a cup of apple sauce will replace 1 egg, so again increase this dependant on the number of eggs needed (i.e a full jar for 3 eggs).

Other substitutes include a 1/4 cup of yogurt or a 1/4 cup of vegetable oil to replace 1 egg, just adjust the quantity as needed to replace the eggs in the recipe. It's much easier than you'd initially have thought, and most of the time you'll already have these substitutes to hand!

Replacing butter
This one can be easily replaced using vegan substitutes such as vegan margarine in place of the butter, but you can also choose to go for other alternatives in your bake if you find them a little easier to use. With margarine of course, you can use the exact same measurement as you would with butter, just remember to soften it beforehand.

Oil is another obvious substitute to go for, whether it's olive, coconut or vegetable. Many U.S recipes tend to use oil instead of butter like us brits do, so you may not even need to alter your recipe at all.

When substituting with oil you may not necessarily need to use the same measurements as you would with butter, thankfully coconut oil is a straight substitute so this one doesn't require any messing about, just use the same measurements as you would with butter in the recipe. Though when it comes to other oils it may require a few baking experiments to find the right quantity for your recipe, with some recipes like cookies you may need to reduce the measurement down to just half for vegetable and olive oils (so 100g instead of 200g for instance), then for other recipes you may find that closer to 2/3 of the quantity is needed and this is where a good maths head comes in handy to alter those recipes!

Another oil substitute you could try is Canola oil, of which you'll need to use 2/3's of the quantity needed. Personally, when it comes to oil, I find coconut oil is the easiest substitute, and it makes for a rather deliciously moist bake too.

Swapping milk.
Not all recipes require milk but it's an additional ingredient that some U.S recipes and American style bakes tend to use to add extra moisture to the bake, but you can easily substitute this with a dairy free alternative such as soya milk. If you fancy adding a touch of flavour to the bake with your substitute why not try using almond or coconut milk.

Of course for all of these suggestions there are numerous more alternatives that you could go for, there's an endless choice of substitutes that you could use, but these ones suggested here are some of the most common ingredients that you'll find day to day in your cupboards to use. So why not try a few of these alternatives out and bake up a delicious storm in the kitchen!