Saturday, 28 May 2016

Tea room exploration: Home sweet home

49-51 Edge street, Manchester, M4 1HW. Open Mon-Thurs 9am-10pm, Fri-Sat 9am-11pm & Sun 9am-9pm |

A place that's known for it's infamous bakes and delicious eats, Home sweet home's delightfully quirky tea room has been brightening up Manchester's Northern Quarter and helping to curb many a cake craving..

Nestled on Edge street their delightful tea room has been serving up perhaps some of the most inventive, colourful and outlandish bakes you'll ever lay eyes (and teeth) upon. Of course it's not just about the sweet eats and treats inside, their quirky tea room is laid out with kitsch finds (Star Trek novel's, vintage placards and cow head plaques anyone?!) and homely seating for a cosy experience, making it a delightful stop off in the city.

The decor matches the feel of the place perfectly and the stealthy sized cake counter that's recently been added in certainly catches your eye, the selection is deliciously tempting almost to the point that you'll stand there resisting the urge to hug the counter whilst attempting to shuffle it out of the door to take all that cake home with you... is it just me that wanted to do this? Joking aside, the selection of cakes is really rather impressive thanks to the baking team who concoct these delicious treats in store. Their infamous bakes may have already caught your eye online from pie filled cakes, to dayglo sweet adorned rainbow bakes and even Bowie face cakes, is there anything that they can't do with cake?! And with a ever changing menu of cakes your bound to find something different every time you visit.

On my visit there was a jaw droppingly delicious selection of freshly baked cakes, from gummy bear adorned bakes, chocolate smartie cakes, bubblegum disco sponges, glittery black forest cake and delicious donuts, it really was hard to whittle the choice down but I eventually went for a rather exquisite sounding Amaretto carrot cake. A stealthy sized slab of cake with plenty of buttercream, the amaretto flavouring was deliciously sweet and went really well with the carrot cake base that was deliciously moist and sweet with an additional thick layer of tasty buttercream filling in the middle, if you need a sugar fix this will do the job rather nicely!

As it was a rather warm day on my visit I skipped the usual cuppa for a soft drink, but if you prefer a brew you'll find a rather generous menu of teas and coffees to choose from, alongside some rather tasty looking milkshakes and tipples if you prefer a boozy cake visit.

Most definitely worth the visit to sample their cake, you can order to take out if you'd rather take a massive wedge of cake home with you to over indulge; in fact I'd highly advise upon take out even if you are eating in, to curb those cake cravings the following day.. Certainly cakes that are as delicious as they look, and you won't mind maiming the pretty cake decoration to eat it...

Cake rating:
5/5 | Free from options available.