Monday, 20 June 2016

Cake porn's cheeky christmas baking tips..

Who says that christmas baking needs to be hard work, we're firm believers in having your cake and eating it too (besides where's the fun in not eating it..) and that christmas needn't be the busiest time of the year, here at Cake porn we've got some handy and somewhat cheeky baking tips to see you through the festive period!

Do you really need to make everything from scratch?
Our answer is a resounding no.. who has time to work on layers and layers of pastry to achieve mince pie perfection, certainly not us! Why break those freshly manicured nails rolling up a chocolate log when you can cheat a little, here's some of our favourite baking cheats to help make those festive bakes a little more efficient and who needs to know that you haven't done everything from scratch, your dirty secret is safe with us (provided that you share some of the evidence of course..).

Ready to roll puff pastry - everyone's dirty little baking secret, save yourself an awful lot of time by using pre-made pastry fresh out of the packet, sure it cuts some corners but it gives you more time to work on the tasty pastry fillings and eating them...

Buy a pre-made swiss roll - shhh! Nobodies looking, save some time on that buche du noel by opening a freshly purchased chocolate swiss roll, then simply make your ganache and pipe on top, et viola! A super speedy chocolatey treat all made up.

A bit of icing sugar covers all sins - cover up any baking mishaps by adding some festive icing to your bake, they'll be non the wiser. Either sprinkle a dusting of icing sugar or mix up some icing to cover a frosting glaze over your bake.

Cheat the whole way by feeding a shop bought christmas cake brandy a week beforehand to give it that booze soaked made at home feel, don't worry we won't make you feel guilty for this cheat..

Spice things up.
Turn things up a notch in the kitchen with your festive bakes for a twist on tradition or simply just to bring a little more fun into the kitchen.

Add a pinch of cinnamon and make even the most unseasonal bake seem festive, we certainly recommend lacing some cream with a pinch of the stuff for a tasty festive pudding topping.

Take the approach of 'one for you, one for me' when adding boozy content to any festive bake, after all you deserve a little treat for all that hard work and the extra addition of tipsy baking can make it more amusing.

Add a touch of baileys to any chocolate festive recipes for that grown up touch, alternatively you could always just drizzle the contents of a bottle over your dessert, that also works wonders..

These cheeky baking tips should help to make for a stress free christmas, just don't blame us if you get caught out..

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