Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Pounces, ounces or grams : how to easily convert any recipe for a tasty bake.

We've all had that mad panic, when you notice that the delicious recipe you've found is in a crazy measurement that's completely uncharted territory for you. Who uses cup measures in the UK, or grams in the U.S, only a mad person that's who! But fret not, you can still use that recipe to achieve baking perfection, simply follow a few cheats to easily convert that recipe, and you'll be baking in no time!

Whilst it certainly would be easier if we all used the same baking measurements, but where's the fun in that, there is a certain joy in correctly converting a recipe to delicious results, and it needn't be as stressful as you'd imagine.

Handy conversion guides are what makes for an easy, stress free bake, you just need to know how to use them to your advantage, and confidently tweak those recipes in the kitchen.

One guide that I swear by in the kitchen, which has helped to convert many a U.S recipe into a tasty bakes is Delia's conversion table, more of a handy guide for readers to convert her own recipes into Imperial & American measurements, but you can easily use these guides to achieve baking success from other recipes.

Changing cup measurements into grams can be one of the most stressful in the kitchen, but her conversions have made for an easier bake, simply follow the table to easily swap cup measurements for flour, sugar and butter into grams, if it's a little less complex than a simple 1 cup measurement simply do a bit of baking maths, for example, for 1 & 1/2 cups for flour use 225g instead of 150g. Tricker ingredients such as oil may require using the actual cup measurement instead, but your basic recipe elements are easily convertible thanks to this table of measurements.

For more complex ingredients though like ground almonds, dried fruit, and oils, you may want to use Convert me, a handy tool that shows not just one simple conversion, but several. Whether you prefer to cook in cups, ounces, or pounds, you'll find a full list of conversions for each ingredient you choose, making changing those recipes a doddle!

Whichever tool you choose to use, simply go through the recipe ingredient by ingredient and make those conversions, it's easier than you'd imagine to convert a simple recipe to your preferred measurement, resulting in delicious bakes every time.

And it's not just measurements that you can easily convert, as this handy chart at The guardian shows, you can easily change those U.S temperatures to UK with a handy guide for Fahrenheit to Celsius temperatures, no more guess work!

So whether you want to adjust a delicious bundt recipe, a tasty sponge cake, or some yummy cupcakes, you can easily adjust that recipe with confidence knowing that you'll have a scrumptious bake every time.