Monday, 27 June 2016

The hybrid bake is just a maclair away...

It doesn't seem that long since we were reeling from the great duffin gate, and the creation of the cronut, but since my last look at hybrid bakes, the world of baking has become even more inventive, with almost every baked treat imaginable being fused together in the name of deliciousness..

Trust the Stateside bakers to come up with even more zany, hybrid bakes, as this summer saw the birth of the Wonut. Self explanatory really, a waffle donut fusion launched at Waffles Cafe in Chicago, that's been described as "crispy and waffle-shaped on the outside, cakey and fluffy on the inside." (1), I think it's safe to say that we'll be all be pouring donut batter into our waffle irons soon..

A little closer to home, viewers of Channel 4's Sunday Brunch may remember being treated to a sneak peek at the delicious creation of the Maclair; an eclair, macron fusion created by Liverpool's The little macaron shop, that left a lot of us wondering why we hadn't thought of doing this before. It looks as sweet as it sounds, with an abundance of delicious flavours being created by the bakery.

Another inventive British bakery, Lola's cupcakes has recently launched the Cupcake crossaint, no need for fancy hybrid names here, it gets to straight to the point with it's delicious breakfast bake (2). A hand made, all butter crossaint, shaped into a sweet cupcake shape with several tasty flavours to choose, from a yummy chocolate, to a savoury cheese and mushroom, rolling out across their London bakeries.

It would seem that everyone's looking to create the next delicious hybrid bake on the market, even Pound bakery jumped on board earlier this year with their attempt at the Tronut (3); a donut with a trifle filling, I'm guessing they haven't heard of the custard donut then.. to Waitrose's Yumdough, which combines the traditional doughnut with a tasty yum yum (4).

There's certainly no end in sight yet on the hybrid baking band wagon, which just leads me to think what's next?! A cup-waffle? Or an eclair-dough.. only time will tell what tasty bakes are concocted next.

Images: Waffles Artur84/ | Cupcake Crossaint viaBakery Info.