Friday, 17 June 2016

What makes a cake a velvet cake?

For some the red velvet cake just wasn't enough, these days you can find almost any kind of cake labelled with the coveted 'velvet' tag, but what exactly makes a cake a velvet cake, and where has this new cake obsession come from?

It all started with the humble red velvet, the rich, moist, vibrant red bake that we all know and love, but how did we go from that to a blue, or even green velvet cake? If it was simply down to the bold colouring of the cake that quick jump to 'velvet' for the description would be easy enough, but when you can find recipes for white velvet cakes it's hardly down to the vibrant colouring of the bake.

For some it's that rich, texture of the cake that gives it a 'velvet' tag, thanks to the creamy addition of buttermilk to the velvet cake recipe, but do all velvet cake recipes use lashings of buttercream to achieve velvety perfection? Some opt for alternatives to achieve that rich texture, like this white velvet cake which uses sour cream, or this blue velvet cake which uses milk.

Most of the velvet recipes you'll find stick surprisingly close to the classic red velvet recipe though, replacing the red food colouring with vibrant purple, or blue instead, which would make the most sense if your going to opt for a velvet cake.

Where this new found joy of using velvet cakes at every opportunity came from though I don't know, when you can trace recipes back by a fair few years it's hardly a new trend, but it is inspiring bakers and cake fanciers to try something different with their bakes, and when you can find delicious recipes like this green velvet cheesecake cake by Recipe Girl, or these black velvet cupcakes by Sweetapolita you'll certainly be tempted to give them a try.

Velvet cake is even infiltrating our shops, with the likes of Tesco adding purple and pink velvet cakes to their Finest range. Yes, the velvet cake it would seem is becoming a firm favourite for us brits, besides when you add the word velvet to anything it instantly sounds luxurious, and who wouldn't want a luxurious sounding cake!