Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Cake shop exploration : Hummingbird Bakery.

The Angel Building, 405 St John Street, Islington, London, EC1V 4AB. Open Monday - Friday 9:30am - 7pm, Saturday - Sunday 10am - 7pm | www.hummingbirdbakery.com

A name that we're all rather familiar with in the world of baking, if you haven't stumbled across one of their London bakeries, you'll certainly have tried one of their signature recipes out. Their Islington bakery is one of six across the capital, making it a must visit for cupcake aficionados, and cake fanciers.

Much raved about in the world of cupcakes, Hummingbird bakery are one of those signature London bakeries that's responsible for reviving our love of the cupcake. With their cakes taking a pinch of inspiration from classic American cupcakes, from the humble red velvet, to classics like chocolate and vanilla.

Their Islington bakery couldn't be located any better, just a stones throw away from Angel station, making for a perfect stop off when visiting the area. Housed inside the rather swish Angel building, you can't help but notice the cupcake sign outside their shop, beaconing you in with the lure of sweet treats inside.

Decked with their signature pink and brown colouring inside, the first thing you'll notice is the vast cake counter, laden with the days freshly baked goods. Cupcakes of course are their forte, and you'll find dozens of them amongst the counters, from their black bottom cupcake, to red velvets, and seasonal bakes. Not to forget slices of delicious cakes, from striking rainbow cake, to scrumptious chocolate malt. With free from options also available, simply ask for the days gluten free bakes.

On my visit I was really spoilt for choice, with a bakers dozen of different bakes to try, from their signature classics, to seasonal bakes like their popcorn cupcakes, and spooky halloween chocolate cupcakes, I'd timed my visit rather well.. I decided to try the intriguing looking S'moreanne cupcake, a tasty chocolate cupcake base topped with a gooey marshmallow fluff and a slice of dark chocolate. Certainly very messy but delicious, it was all gone in three bites... a slightly larger cupcake base would have been nicer, but it was very sweet and delicious

To accompany the tasty treat, I went for a cup of tea alongside, which certainly helped with the rich, gooey, marshmallow cupcake. You'll find a full menu of hot drinks should you decide to stay in, but do bear in mind that seating space is very limited, so you may want to opt for take out with your tasty cakes.

A pleasant bakery to visit for the keen cupcake fancier, if you haven't sampled their bakes before it's certainly worth a visit to pop in one of their London bakeries and try some.

Cake rating:
3/5 | Free from options available.