Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Coffee cake wars : the ultimate taste test of coffee shop bakes.

It's a traditional cake that we all know and love, the humble coffee cake can be doused in tasty walnuts, or soaked in a rich boozy coffee for a scrumptious bake. For this round of cake wars I'm tucking into a tasty batch of coffee cake all in the name of research..

Sometimes you find yourself with the nearest option to satisfy your cake appetite being a Starbucks or a Costa, where you can pretty much guarantee that no matter where you are in the country will have the same selection of treats. I've done the gruelling, tasking, cake eating work for you, as I put the nation's chain coffee shop bakes to the test!

To test out the nation's Coffee cake selection I visited a few different coffee shops and cafes across the country in order to crown a delicious winner.

The first place I visited was John Lewis's cafe, their traditional coffee and walnut cake stays true to the classic recipe with layers of sponge and coffee flavoured buttercream.

A very strong coffee flavour to the cake with a generous portion of buttercream between each layer, the sponge was a little dry however, but this didn't distract from the flavour of the cake. 3/4

Next up was Costa, their coffee cake is a new addition to the menu making for a delightful choice amongst the usual offerings. A little different to the traditional coffee and walnut cake, this was a deliciously moist coffee soaked sponge cake with buttercream layered inside and on top.

A very sweet, rich and moist bake, not your usual coffee cake recipe, but a very tasty twist, let's hope that they keep this one on the menu! 4/4

The next cake offering came from Caffe Nero, aptly named the Cappucino cake, their coffee cake is somewhat similar to Costa's moist coffee soaked spongey offering, with three layers of sponge, filled with a coffee buttercream.

Apparently the secret to this cake is an infusion of their own blend coffee in the sponge, not quite as moist as Costa's offering, but it does add to the flavour of the cake. The icing finishing it off beautifully for a tasty treat. 3/4

Then the last stop was M & S's cafe for their similarly named Triple-layer Cappucino cake, it would seem that M & S have switched the traditional coffee and walnut cake for a tasty coffee and chocolate cake.

Tasty layers of coffee and chocolate sponge are filled with coffee buttercream and topped off a with chocolate dusting. A little different to your usual coffee cake, still tasty, but somewhat lacking the flavour of the other coffee cakes.2/4

The overall verdict, the tastiest of the bunch has to be Costa's take on the coffee cake, I could have easily gone back for seconds or maybe thirds.. It will definitely hit the spot if your craving a coffee cake.

Left image Caffe Nero via Facebook.