Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Every cake fanciers dirty little secret : the pre packaged cake.

Lurking in every cake fanciers cupboards are a dirty little secret, wrapped up in layers of packaging, with a shelf life that's untold of, yes, I'm taking about pre packaged cake, the likes of which Mr Kipling dreams of every night, whilst we stuff our faces with piles of fondant fancies and Jaffa cakes.

There's nothing wrong with our dirty secret, some days you just want a break from whisking away frantically in the kitchen on a tasty bake, so you whip out that packet of lemon slices and happily munch away at the delicious cake.

It's a bit like cake packet mix, to some it's sacrilege to even think of eating a shop bought cake that's full of additives and e-numbers, but you must admit, there are times when you'd just like to relive memories of overeating mini rolls and bakewell tarts as a child, by munching on some of the good stuff from Mr Kipling...

Sure, they may have a shelf life that could often live beyond your best freshly made bakes, but there's a certain comfort in these tasty delights that can't be beat, not for all the freshly made victoria sandwich cakes and lemon drizzle bakes.

At a time when almost every company has a selection of pre made cakes to snack on, from the recently revamped mini rolls (1), to the family favourite Mr Kipling, and even the purveyor of pre made yorkshire puds, Aunt Bessie's has moved into the world of cakes (2), there's never been a larger selection of pre made cakes and baked snacks to munch on with your afternoon cuppa.

Yes it may be a guilty pleasure to some, but I relish in my love of fondant fancies, lemon slices and madiera cakes, besides, why attempt to create fondant fancy perfection when you whip out a packet of the good stuff from Mr Kipling!

Images: Apple pie KEKO64/ | Cakes via Bakery Info.