Monday, 15 August 2016

Bake up some spooktacular treats this Halloween.

It's that time of year again when we feel a sudden urge to munch on a tasty brain shaped cake, without having fallen to a zombie virus. But if your feeling a little too much like the living dead you can still put together some spooktacular treats to over indulge on for Halloween, without a horrendous amount of effort thanks to some of these handy and rather cheeky baking tips!

Instant blood splatter.
An easy effect to make any bake look extra spooky, whether you want to add blood dripping vampire teeth marks to your cupcakes, or zombie blood splatter to your cake, you don't have to go making your own batch of gooey fake blood, simply whip out a packet of strawberry sauce! To make it extra realistic add some extra red colouring to the sauce and mix to your preferred shade of blood red, then apply to your bakes.

Spooktacular marbling.
An easy way to make any bake look spooky is with a palette of Halloween colours, turn the classic marble cake into a spooktacular treat by mixing up shades of orange, purple, black, green and red, to create an instantly spooky bake. This effect looks particularly amazing on a bundt cake, swirl the colours in for a marbled Halloween bake, you could also add a ghoulish dripping topping for an extra spooky effect in clashing shades of orange and green.

Put a ring on it - a ring of spiders.
Top your bakes with a spectacular spiders web, a great way to dress up a batch of chocolate cupcakes or a tasty chocolate cake. Simply top your bake(s) with a tasty chocolate icing and leave it to set for a few minutes, then pipe a swirl of white icing on top, take a toothpick and drag lines through the piped swirl of icing, creating an instant spiderweb effect. There's a great 'how to' for this technique over at Buzzfeed, if you need a visual aid to create the effect.

Cheat a little with some tasty decorations.
Sometimes we don't all have the time to create the perfect Halloween bakes, so why not save yourself some precious time with the tipple by adding some instantly spooky decorations to your bakes! It's incredibly easy to find some tasty spooky shaped sweets these days, most high streets shops have a great selection of gummy and chocolate shaped spooky sweets, from gummy eyeballs, to vampire teeth. Simply pop your chosen sweets on top of a batch of freshly iced cupcakes and you've got yourself a sweet selection of spooky bakes! You could also add some strawberry sauce blood to your sweet toppings for an extra spooky treat.

You don't have to spend hours working on the perfectly spooky treats, so you can easily save time for that all important cocktail drinking and over indulging this Halloween!