Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Baking with booze, yes please!

You can't get a more cheeky bake than one that's been given a generous dousing of alcohol, but it's more than just tempting yourself with a booze soaked cake, did you know that a bit of tipple can actually help your bake to create a truly scrumptious flavour?

It's not just an excuse to ply our latest bakes with more than a generous helping of booze, honest! A bit of the strong stuff can help achieve baking perfection when it's done properly, and besides if your going to truly over indulge with your latest bake, you may as well add a spot of tipple to the recipe!

You can't picture the perfect Christmas cake without imaging it being doused in a lavish helping of sherry, so why not use some tipple to perfect your bakes all year round. I've long been fond of pouring a shot or two of my favour tipples in my bakes, and it's not just for the alcohol soaked content, a good dousing of booze in the right recipe can help to enhance the flavour and add much needed moisture to your bake.

Take your classic vanilla cupcake recipe, it's already scrumptious as is, but you can easily adapt the base recipe to create any concoction of flavours in the kitchen, and why not enhance those flavours by adding a shot or two of vodka or gin to the recipe. The majority of alcohol will burn away whilst it's baking, so you won't be left with a soggy gin soaked cupcake, but it will help to increase the tasty flavour of the bake, even more so when you add a dash of it to your buttercream.

But it's not just about dousing the recipe in the nearest bottle of booze, the right tipple can help to enhance the flavours that it's paired with. For instance a good vanilla or white chocolate buttercream can taste even better with a shot of gin added to the mix, it really enhances the sweetness of the recipe!

Then there's the tipples that you choose to add for their unique flavour, you really can't go wrong by adding a few shots of Baileys to any chocolate cake, but have you tried adding a few shots of whisky to a chocolate cake? You'll be pleasantly surprised by the rich taste.

As a general rule of thumb, if you wouldn't drink it don't add it to your bake, but you really can't go wrong when baking with a dash of gin, vodka or whisky in the mix, however you choose to use it.

Boozy tipple is generally best added in to the bake prior to baking if your using it to enhance the flavour, but if you want to add some more moisture to that cake, soak it in booze once it's baked. The best way to do this is to poke holes in the cake as soon as you remove it from the oven using a cake skewer, then drizzle your chosen tipple over the cake a spoonful at a time, you don't want to add more than 1-2 shots dependant on your bake of choice. For instance I found that when plying a fruit filled bake with tipple prior to baking, just 1-2 shots was enough before it started to become a little too soggy.

The right mix of cake to tipple will certainly help to enhance your bake, resulting in an utterly scrumptious, and cheeky cake. Why not try adding a couple of shots of your favourite tipple to your next bake, you may even find a favourite new concoction as a result!