Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Cake shop exploration : Cutter & Squidge.

20 Brewer Street, Soho, W1F 0SJ. Open Mon - Weds 9am - 8pm, Thurs 9am - 9pm, Fri 9am - 10pm, Sat 11am - 9pm, Sun 12 - 8pm |

A bakery that's managed to create some of the most delicious treats you'll find this side of Soho, with bakes so delicious and gooey that you'll just want to take the entire cake counter home with you..

Cutter & Squidge's delightful pop up cakery brought an abundance of keen cake fanciers to Soho to sample their infamous biskies and dream cakes, so when they moved to their new cake shop and cafe just recently, it was a great excuse to pop in and treat myself to some of their delightful bakes whilst I was in the area.

Soho is filled with plenty of yummy hidden finds and foodie treats, so their new cake shop couldn't have found a better home, nestled on the corner of Greens court, with a row of scrumptious cakes lined up along the window beaconing you inside. With it's beautifully freshly painted decor and a lovely row of their freshly baked treats greeting you as you walk in. Whether you've swung by especially to sample their bakes, or happened to spot their cheeky treats in the window, it's a delightful stop off to indulge in some cake.

Their signature Biskies have whisked them into baking stardom, as every keen cake fancier and connoisseur has been munching on their delicious sandwiched treats. A tasty combination of biscuit, cake or cookie, sandwiched with yummy buttercreams, jams and other scrumptious treats, making for a rather unique and delicious bake. But it's not just their Biskies that they do so well, they also have a yummy range of dream cakes and other baked delights in store, with delicious flavours from cookies and cream, to summer berry and billionaire dream cake.

On my visit their was a staggering choice of flavours, you almost didn't know where to start! From salted caramel smore and pistachio biskies, to tiramisu and rose dream cakes, I decided to try their yummy looking hazelnut biskie. A deliciously gooey biscuit with meringue and buttercream filling, making for a very moreish and deliciously squidgey treat, the buttercream was utterly heavenly and light!

To accompany my tasty treat, I had some Earl grey tea (I'm easily drawn by a firm favourite!), but you can find a full menu of hot and cold drinks to stay in and indulge on with your bakes.

A lovely cafe and cakery, if it wasn't for the long journey back north I'd have been very tempted to grab a few more biskies to take back with me too!

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