Thursday, 11 August 2016

Free from bakes and cakes : Not just a diet fad.

There are some of us that fear that lone crumb of wheat, or that pesky cream cheese tainted frosting, living with a food intolerance can often cause utter dread whenever your eating in a restaurant, or dining in a newly found cake shop. It's far more than a healthy eating fad, as much as some media publications would like us to think, but for those of us that can't handle our wheat, dairy or eggs the world of baking has become a delightful place!

I'm no stranger to the world of free from bakes myself, with family that are gluten intolerant introducing me to a completely new world of not just bakes, but cooking and dining also, and recently I've discovered myself that I'm lactose intolerant after a rather troublesome bout of stomach flu left me with a rather unpleasant bloaty side effect! It's much more than a simple 'dislike' of certain foods, that painfully upset stomach, sudden nausea and far worse that can often leave you dashing to the nearest toilet.. but thankfully in recent years we've become more aware of food allergies that go beyond the mere mention of nuts, with many bakers and cake shops taking on the tasty world of free from bakes.

I've already covered baking substitutes here in the past, from gluten free ingredients, to some tasty dairy free substitutes, and the world of baking goes beyond that even further, with sugar free diabetic recipes, and tasty nut free bakes.

We've become more aware of food intolerances, finding some delicious alternatives and easy ways to substitute those pesky ingredients in our recipes.

But we shouldn't have to stick to making those yummy bakes for ourselves, many of our favourite cake shops and bakers are providing free from alternatives in their selection of cakes, from the tasty selection of free from bakes recently introduced at London baking chain, Lola's Cupcakes, offering not just wheat free, but vegan and sugar free bakes too, alongside a selection of vegan and gluten free cupcakes at Primrose Bakery. It's not a trend that's isolated to London either, with many of our much loved cake shops around the UK providing a free from alternative, from Manchester's Hey Little Cupcake, to Crumbs Cupcakery in York. There's even dedicated speciality free from tea rooms such as Tea 4/2 in Manchester with a great gluten free menu.

Yes, the world of baking has become much sweeter for those of us with an intolerance, we may still nervously check that cake counter over with a fine toothpick for rogue crumbs, but we can still overindulge with the rest of you, safe in the knowledge that our freshly picked cupcakes and cake slices aren't going to leave us with an unpleasant side effect.

Note: Since this article was originally published on in 2015, Tea 4/2 has now sadly closed.

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