Tuesday, 2 August 2016

How to bake the perfect cupcake, however you prefer them!

Whether it's flat topped, with a tasty filling, or loaded with tasty buttercream, you can't beat a tasty batch of yummy cupcakes. Whichever way you like them it can often be a pain staking task trying to create cupcake perfection, but creating that perfect rise is far easier than you'd think!

From the perfect flat top for icing, to the easiest way to fill a cupcake with a tasty hidden filling, here's a few of my cheeky tips to achieve cupcake perfection every time.

The perfect recipe
Firstly, you've got to get the recipe right, admittedly I've tried several in the past, all with completely varying results, that it can often be hard to find the right bake to start with.

All good cupcakes need a good base, and this (slightly) adapted recipe from Mary Berry has been perfect for my bakes:

  175g butter
  175g caster sugar
  3 eggs
  175g self raising flour
  1 tsp vanilla extract

Making for a great base to achieve cupcake perfection! To see how I've used this recipe, my caramel cupcakes use this recipe for the base.

Once you've found the right base recipe, you can easily adapt it for any recipe, much like I've done with my caramel cupcakes, I've also used this as a base for chocolate cupcakes to great success, simply adjust the measurements as needed (For example, I used 145g of flour to 30g of cocoa powder for chocolate cupcakes).

You don't need a fancy recipe, just the basic ingredients will do the trick, resulting in a scrumptious bake every time!

Getting the perfect flat top.
It's something that a lot of bakers dream of, the perfect flat top sure does make decorating that cupcake even easier, and it doesn't take a special recipe or technique to achieve it, no, it's actually far simpler than you'd imagine.

Prior to placing your cupcakes into your pre heated oven, simply turn the oven down a notch, a simple adjustment to the temperature helps the cakes to bake to perfection, whilst also allowing for a lower rise on the bake resulting in a flatter top to your cakes.

I usually turn my fan oven down by 10c, for example down to 160c if I've pre heated the oven to 170c, and this helps the bake along perfectly, making for a flatter top on the cakes.

So it doesn't take any special technique to achieve a flatter bake, just adjust the temperature!

Add a bit of cheeky filling to your bakes!
Admittedly the first time I ate a deliciously filled cupcake I wondered just how they'd done it, had they cut the cupcake in half, or added the filling before baking the cupcakes? Eventually, once I'd figured it out it was far easier than I'd thought!

Cupcake corer's are a wonderful thing, a simple little gadget to add to your baking supplies, and one that makes adding a yummy filling to your cupcakes incredibly easy. I found mine for a mere £1 at Dunelm Mill, so they won't set you back either.

Simply place the cupcake corer on top of your cake, in the center, then lightly push it down and twist to core out a section of the cupcake, then place your chosen filling inside. With mine I cut the cored out center in half and place the top half back on top to cover up the filling, but you can choose to leave it out if you prefer.

Then simply decorate as normal and you'll have a lovely cupcake with a tasty hidden filing!

Whatever you choose to bake you can reach baking perfection with ease, and it's certainly far easier than you'd initially think. Now you just need to decide what to try out to put these cheeky tips to use!