Saturday, 27 August 2016

Tea room exploration: The Fourteas.

24 Sheep Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6EF. Open Monday - Friday 9:30am - 5pm, Saturday 9:30am - 5:30pm, Sunday 11am - 4pm |

Step back in time for a delightful tea room experience that's true to the style of the era, without the fuss of rationing, so you really can have your cake and eat it without checking your ration book!

A delightfully unique dining experience that's inspired by the look and feel of the forties era, from ration book menus to classic wartime memorabilia and a dash of that 'New Look' style adding to the atmosphere. It's as much about the feel of the time, serving up classic home cooked food with locally sourced ingredients, as it is about the look, rounding up the dining experience perfectly.

If you adore the classic look of the forties then you really will want to pay a visit to their tea rooms, for those of us that adore the fashion of the time as much as we love our sweet treats, it really is a lovely experience. Their tea rooms have got the look of the time down to a 'T', with plenty of memorabilia from the era adding a touch of unique décor, amongst the selection of the days freshly baked cakes.

No detail is spared, as the charming ration book menu takes you through their selection of treats on offer, with a staggering selection of tasty tea blends to boot from The Golden Monkey Tea Company. With so much to take in you'll need to remember the tasty treats, their cake counter is handily located at the back of the tea room, with a delightful selection of cake domes housing the days latest bakes. It's not all about the rationing though as their constantly changing selection of treats will show, from tasty classics such as Victoria sponge cake and coffee & walnut, to decadent chocolate cakes smothered in plenty of the good stuff!

On my visit for a change from my usual cake selection I decided to try their Ivor Novello afternoon tea, featuring a delightfully decadent quartet of scrumptious treats! With plenty of treats to sample included, from a sweet mini meringue to a dainty eclair, teapot biscuit and a cupcake, alongside the traditional scone of course! A rather generous selection of treats, the cupcake was delightfully sweet and just the right size for an afternoon tea, having already munched my way through several sandwiches and the scone. For me it was a great bonus to be severed up dairy free alternatives on my stand, with their dairy free scone (which is also gluten free) and some dairy free treats included, so you can still over indulge without worrying!

Their classic house blend came with the afternoon tea, a delightfully malty brew that was served in style, even coming with a handy timer to allow for the optimum brewing time. You can be cheeky and add a glass of prosecco to your afternoon tea too, but if you'd prefer to just over indulge on a slice of cake you'll find a lovely selection of cakes and brews on offer.

Certainly a unique experience, and well worth the trip, having dairy free options available made the dining experience even better, with gluten and dairy free alternatives available.

Cake rating:
5/5 | Free from options available.