Monday, 7 November 2016

Cake exploration: Birds.

4 The Poultry, Nottingham, NG1 2HW. Open 6 days a week 8am-5pm Mon - Sat |

Birds bakery is one of the best kept secrets of the Midlands, you'd have to pin down and wrestle even your nearest and dearest for them to let this little secret slip you by, their baked treats are simply that good..

A quaint bakery that cunningly disguises it's delicious treats inside, tucked away in the counters is a real feast for the taste buds and the eyes as hundreds of glazed little beauties glare out at you from the glass counters luring you inside.

A traditional family run bakers, Birds bakery has been serving the Midlands with over 50 bakeries across the region serving a heck of a lot of baked, doughy and pastry goods. Still family run today they continue to bring delicious baked goods to their stores.

Their range includes a full selection of baked treats from traditional cream cakes and scones, to jammy tarts, eclairs and savory treats. Baked fresh daily it's no wonder their confectionery selection sells out rather quickly every day, if your looking to get a tasty cream eclair for lunch you'd better queue up and buy it at the crack of dawn or you'll miss out.

Their Nottingham bakery is a delightful store, where you can order to take out and coo over your pastries in the comfort of your home, that is if they survive the journey home before they end up being eaten.. With counters full of sweet and savory bakes drawing you in.

On my visit there was a good selection of pastries, cakes and tarts to choose from, granted I'd strategically planned to go in early morning knowing how quickly their treats sell out, I chose to sample one of my favourites their caramel doughnut and a fruit danish. Their caramel doughnut can only be described whilst eating one in similar fashion to the 'full moon, half moon' Jaffa cake advert (full doughnut, half doughnut..), deliciously moreish, soft, squidgey and with a gorgeous fresh caramel cream filling. The fruit danish is equally delicious with a crunchy icing topping and a tasty fruity jam topping that makes it that little bit more than your average danish.

If you don't fill up completely on cakes you can wash it down with a selection of beverages from teas to coffees so there's certainly plenty to choose from.

Certainly a pleasant visit and surprisingly one which didn't damage the purse at all, you could easily come away with a dozen cakes for the same price of a coffee and cake at a certain chain store coffee shop..

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