Monday, 9 April 2018

A fond(ant) farewell from Cake Porn, for now..

It's been a scrumptious few years running my cheeky little cake blog, but as with all good things it must inevitably come to an end, at least for the time being...

It's a fond(ant) farewell though.. over the years I've learnt so much. Heck my baking has vastly improved as a result of starting this cheeky little blog, as I've gone from a world of baking disasters, to cakes so delicious that I'm often harangued by friends and family with baking requests – yes, even my gluten free cakes!

But it's been a difficult journey at times, especially since my coeliac diagnosis started, even longer when I look back at the health problems that started my long struggle with gluten and dairy... My baking has changed so much as a result of my dietary and health needs since starting this blog.

Since starting Cake Porn a few years back a lot has certainly changed. I've learnt many new baking techniques, tackled the world of yummy free from bakes, and visited some rather lovely, scrumptious cake shops and tearooms as a result of this blog. Discovering some amazing fellow bakers along the way, and picking up some tasty new recipes as a result – not to forget cooing over their yummy cakes...

It's been a long journey, one that started as a side-thought whilst admiring the cakes and cocks background on Sarah Millican's “Chatterbox” one evening – and thus Cake Porn was born! Before then my (mis)adventures into the world of baking were somewhat eyebrow raising at least, every single disaster and hilarious problem that I've looked into on this blog has actually happened to me during my many years of baking.. - we've all got to start somewhere!

Over the years of posting my latest bakes, tasty finds, and sharing some of my favourite bakes for you to coo over on social media, I've come to learn a lot, and I'm certainly grateful for the experience, and improvements that it's helped me to make with my own baking.

But over the past couple of years in particular, behind the scenes it's been somewhat of a struggle keeping this blog going, especially during my long coeliac diagnosis. Blogging about it along the way certainly helped, but there's still been those days where it's just been a struggle juggling maintaining the blog alongside everything else.

Earlier this year, following my coeliac disease diagnosis back in October - I also discovered that I have osteopenia. It felt somewhat like hitting a massive brick wall, and it's certainly affected my dietary choices since. As such I've been baking far less than usual, and struggling to find the motivation to create some scrumptious new treats for this blog, whilst also managing the many changes to my diet that this has introduced.

It's not just that though, countless other problems alongside my health issues have made the blog a bit of an upward struggle these past couple of years. I've always managed to re-find my baking mojo as such, but this year it just seems to have gone into hiding.

As such, I've decided for the time being at least, to put this blog aside. I'll still be posting on my Cake Porn social media profiles though - sharing my favourite cakes for you to coo over with me, alongside fellow coeliac bakers scrumptious recipes, and any other yummy finds that I discover. So it's not really goodbye, it's just a slight change for the time being. As I put this blog aside for a while, and concentrate on getting my health back, whilst also still tending to my sweet tooth alongside!

For now it's a fon(ant) farewell, as who knows, maybe I'll be back posting sooner than you think after a much needed break. In the meantime, I'd like to thank my fellow cake fanciers for continuing to follow my baking shenanigans over these past few years - from sharing your latest bakes with me, recommending tasty new places to visit (I will eventually get round to visiting them - promise!), sharing my latest posts, and of course, cooing over tasty cakes with me - it's certainly been appreciated over the years! 🍰