Tuesday, 28 August 2018

A truly fondant farewell this time..

This time it really is goodbye, as I've decided to hang up my virtual apron and close this sweet little blog. I may have bitten off more than I could chew when I decided to give it another try, but it really is time to put my health first and say goodbye to the virtual world of sticky, sweet, gooey baked treats..

After briefly returning and enthusiastically baking some scrumptious new treats for the blog, I felt like I'd hit a brick wall again.. I'd been a little bit too optimistic about my health, turns out I'm still not back to my old self, it's taking more than a bit of getting used to being coeliac.

Baking some tasty cakes really shouldn't knacker you out completely.. so it's time that I returned to baking just for myself, rather than perfecting tasty treats to unleash online via this blog. It's not goodbye completely though, as this blog will stay permanently up in archive form so you can still view the archives to find some tasty recipes and cheeky baking tips to try out.
Besides, when there are so many baking blogs, and gluten free bakers out there, you definitely won't be short of tasty new treats to bake! I'll certainly be trying some new recipes out just for myself after a much needed break.

As always, thanks to those of you who've kept on reading this blog over the years, it's been great to find fellow cake fanciers and share my baking journey along the way. I'll still keep on cooing over your tasty bakes online, and tucking into some gluten free treats too!

Image: Creativecommonsstockphotos/Dreamstime Stock Photos